Phase 1 Desk Study

An AVIE phase 1 desk study can save substantial time and costs for developers, contractors and planning consultants by providing a clear and detailed assessment of a site’s existing or potential contamination status.

The study may involve offline, aerial and digital research into the historical use of a site and its surroundings. It may consider its geology, ground conditions and impacts from mining, radon or other pollutants (eg fertiliser residues, old, leaking tanks, rock layers that will affect foundation depths and even buried animal carcasses).

Our comprehensive phase 1 desk studies for construction professionals across the UK help to avoid costly pitfalls and ensure successful builds. Where we encounter significant contaminant risks, we can arrange phase 2 intrusive investigations and can project manage the investigation work on your behalf. With AVIE director involvement throughout, you can be confident that your project will be expertly delivered with practical and appropriate solutions provided.