Professional and detailed structural surveys are a valuable tool for property owners, landowners and those wishing to buy, change or convert property.

A full structural survey report from AVIE’s structural engineering professionals is a detailed and searching assessment. Your AVIE report gives absolute confidence that you know as much as possible about the structural status and potential for construction, whether it’s an industrial or commercial unit, public building or a bridge, your report identifies any current issues or potential problems such as signs of subsidence, structural movement, material defects or cracks. Where further investigation is necessary, we involve a builder to expose the faulty structure for in-depth analysis. Your AVIE structural survey report also provides you with recommendations on resolving the faults efficiently and cost-effectively.

AVIE structural engineers are often called on to prepare structural surveys where a change of purpose is planned. For example, structural calculations will reveal the load-bearing integrity of walls or the viability of knocking them down to turn an old warehouse into apartments or offices. Similarly, planners will want absolute assurance that an old farm building is fit for structural conversion. In these and many other scenarios, our structural survey reports provide a reliable resource containing all the data, analysis and recommendations you need to support your planning application.