The director-led team at AVIE were commissioned to undertake a geo-environmental desk study of an old garden centre site in Clitheroe.

 The project required the holistic and comprehensive consultation expertise of AVIE due to the potentially contaminated nature of the site, which can arise from the conversion of land from commercial to residential use.

We undertook a flood risk assessment that ascertained constraints to the proposed residential scheme. The assessment considered overland flood routes and mitigated any limitations relating to a flood, a special consideration when undertaking a residential flood risk assessment.

As is necessary in such a project, a Phase 1 Desk Study was carried out. Residential Phase 1 Desk Studies are critical in order to allow for early identification of issues that may arise, affecting the site and its possibility for development.

We used our experience and technical expertise to moderate any issues that can arise around previously uninhabited land, especially with new purposes, to ensure residential developers were informed of all potential constraints.